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Consulting services

NAVIS offers and carries out all kinds of consulting services in engineering , shipbuilding and shipping. The company has led and taken active part in many research activities for i. a. the Icelandic Maritime Administration (IMA) and assisted in forming such and similar projects. NAVIS has conducted pre-contract evalutations and estimates prior to closing contracts; assisted in forming and finalizing tender documentation; led and assisted with contract negotiations and finally carried out post-performance evalutions and cost and payment settlements. The company arranges and conducts inclining tests, carries out stability calculations and takes care of various other technical matters and projects for shipowners, shipbuilders and service units. The tasks are of all kinds and diversified.


Navis Verkfræði og ráðgjafa
Hús Sjávarklasans
Grandagarði 16
101 Reykjavík kort
Sími 544 2450



The engineering consulting firm NAVIS ehf is active mainly in the fields of naval architecture and marine engineering and offers service to shipyards, shipowners, fish processing factories and related fields of activities.

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