The seventh Russian trawler modified

Marionis - Navis EngineeringNAVIS ehf is now engaged in preparing modifications to a 115 m long freezer trawler for a Russian fishing company in Kamsjatka, this being the seventh trawler of the same design which NAVIS ehf prepares and designs all modifications. The main engine and auxiliary engines will be renewed, the freezer equipment renewed and increased in capacity, the factory deck production line renewed and fish receiving bins increased in size and fitted cooling with refrigerated sea water (RSW).

The trawler in question is the MS Maironis, built by the shipyard in Straalsund in former East Germany around 1990. „There were nearly forty such vessels built for Russia in East Germany and Maironis was one of the last vessels built there when the Wall came down. As a result of that, the shipyard was temporarily closed down and the ship was completed later”, Einar A. Kristinsson of NAVIS says. Einar says that these vessels were of quite a good design and well constructed vessels, which the Icelanders referred to as vacuum-cleaner trawlers at some time. At that time the catch was fully processed on board. The fish was filleted and liver and other offal was either boiled and canned or melted to liver oil, and only about 10-15% of the catch was discarded. Einar says that, to-day, many of those vessels are fishing off the west coast of Africa and that, all liver processing and canning equipment have been removed and the trawlers are now operated as traditional freezer trawlers, freezing the catch whole on board. The modifications of the vessel in question will be carried out in Latvia, and she has already arrived at the shipyard.